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Finance and General Purposes Committee

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Membership 2017/18

The Treasurer (Chair)

Keith Bedell-Pearce CBE

The Chair of Council

David Normington

The Vice-Chancellor and President

Professor Stuart Croft

The Provost

Professor Christine Ennew

Four independent members appointed by the Council, of whom a minimum of two will be serving independent members of the Council

Dr Deborah Keith
Adrian Penfold
Neil Sachdev

Four members of the Academic staff

Professor Christopher Hughes
Professor Peter Scott
Professor Kate Seers
Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey

The President of the Students' Union

Hope Worsdale

The Democracy and Development Officer of the Students' Union

Michael Kynaston

In Attendance:

Group Finance Director
Finance Director
Director of Estates
General Manager (Students' Union)

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Terms of Reference

(a) To act as a general purpose and executive committee with power to act on all day-to-day matters not within the province of any other committee of the Council. The Terms of Reference are to be read as covering the activities of the University and also the University’s interests in related companies, joint ventures and the University of Warwick Foundation and its related companies.

(b) To advise and make recommendations to the Council regarding the financial policy and management of the University within the context of the University Financial Plan and in particular:

(i) to consider and approve budgets of all funds under the control of the University (other than those mentioned at (d) and (e) below);

(ii) to allocate funds to the Senate for academic purposes within the context of the University Financial Plan;

(iii) to exercise budgetary control over all funds of the University;

(iv) to manage investments and to review regularly and to approve the Treasury Management Policy;

(v) to prepare the annual accounts.

(c) To act, on behalf of the Council, in the following specific areas:

(i) To consider and approve on behalf of the Council the annual accounts for individual areas of University activity, noting that approval of the annual consolidated accounts of the University is the responsibility of the Council.

(ii) To approve on behalf of the Council the annual accounts for the Students’ Union.

(iii) To approve on behalf of the Council the release of resources to fund University activities which have been provided for within the University’s Financial Plan.

(iv) To approve on behalf of the Council a Memorandum of Understanding (Governance and Services Agreement) between the University and each of its related companies.

(d) To have oversight of funds for which the University Estate Committee is primarily responsible, e.g. for the construction of buildings.

(e) To have oversight of the funds for which some other committee of the University may be made primarily responsible.

(f) To be responsible to the Council for the policies for recruitment, training and development, promotion, resignation, dismissal, retirement and conditions of service of all non-academic staff.

(g) To have executive powers to deal with matters of importance which would normally be referred to the Council, but which are agreed by the Chair of the Council and the Vice-Chancellor and President to require decisions as a matter of urgency, such decisions to be reported to the next meeting of the Committee and the Council.

(h) To take such action as it may consider necessary, including the negotiation of any legal proceedings, in pursuance of the management and protection of University property and the maintenance of good order.

(i) To deal with other matters referred to it by the Council.

In respect of any urgent item of business that cannot be considered at a meeting or by correspondence, the Council has delegated authority to the Chair of Council, the Treasurer, the Vice-Chancellor and President, the Provost, the Registrar and the Group Finance Director to act on the FGPC’s behalf (Council minutes 41(b)(i)/14-15 and 16(c)(iii)/15-16 refer).

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Reporting Structure

The Finance and General Purposes Committee reports to the Council. 


The Finance and General Purposes Committee (FGPC) has established the following Sub-Committees which report to the FGPC and have oversight of specific areas of financial business:

(a) Financial Plan Sub-Committee

(b) Budget Steering Group

(c) Investment Sub-Committee

Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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Secretary: Sharon Tuersley, Secretary to Council
Assistant Secretary: Assistant Registrar (Governance)*

*The Assistant Registrars (Governance) provide support to this committee, so please use FGPC at warwick dot ac dot uk in the first instance to make contact with the FGPC Secretariat.

Reports for consideration by the Finance and General Purposes Committee should be submitted three weeks in advance of the meeting at which they are to be considered. Templates for cover sheets(Word Document) and reports(Word Document) should be used.

Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee are available upon request from the Secretary.

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Dates of meetings of the Finance and General Purposes Committee can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

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