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Partnerships Committee (formerly Collaborative, Flexible and Distributed Learning Sub-Committee)

In July 2017, following the 2016/2017 Academic Governance Review, the University Senate and Council approved the re-naming of this committee with revised terms of reference.

Terms of Reference
Reporting Structure

Membership 2018/19

Chair (Academic Director (Partnerships))

Dr Will Curtis

Two representatives from the Faculty of Arts

Professor Pierre-Philippe Fraiture

Michael Pigott

Two representatives from the Faculty of Science, Engineering & Medicine

Alyson Quinn

Professor Mark Newton

Two representatives from the Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Jo Angouri

Dr Osman Hassan

One member of the Board of Graduate Studies

Professor Colin Sparrow

Representatives from the Warwick Business School

Dr Vikki Abusidualghoul

Dr Ashley Roberts

Representative from the Centre for Teacher Education

Professor Des Hewitt

Representative from the Centre for Lifelong Learning

Dr Sarah Cousins

Representatives from the Warwick Manufacturing Group

Sue Parr

Mike Newton

Representative from the Warwick Medical School

Catherine Hale

One Student Representative Appointed by the Students' Union

Ellie King

Up to two co-opted members as required

Ailsa Chambers


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Terms of Reference

(a) To advise the Academic Quality and Standards Committee on University policy on validated and franchised provision, joint awards in partnership with other Higher Education institutions, provision involving a consortium of providers, or any other collaborative arrangement leading to the award of a University qualification.

(b) To advise the Academic Quality and Standards Committee on University policy on provision involving distance delivery (flying faculty) or distance learning (online delivery) programmes falling within its remit.

(c) Through representatives’ membership of the University Course Approval Panel, to operate a risk-based process of scrutiny of the rationale for; and strength of; the partnership or distance learning arrangements for new or restructured courses or modules falling within its remit and to make recommendations to that Panel as appropriate.

(d) Through its sub-group for student international mobility, to consider and approve proposals for University and departmental international exchange partnerships.

(e) Through its sub-group for degree apprenticeships, to consider and recommend for approval to the Course Proposal Scrutiny Panel proposals for Degree
Apprenticeships and to review provision.

(f) To establish and monitor appropriate mechanisms for the continued quality assurance and risk management of awards involving collaborative provision, work-based learning, distance learning or distance delivery falling within its remit.

(g) To promote best practice in the operation and quality management of collaborative, distance learning or distance delivered provision across University departments.

(h) To consider the reports of External Examiners for validated and franchised awards and to follow through any issues of concern in connection with these or the other courses within its remit.

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Reporting Structure

The Partnerships Committee reports to the Academic Quality and Standards Committee.

Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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Secretary: Lauren Baker Lauren dot Baker at warwick dot ac dot uk
Assistant Secretary: Gabriella Bersanetti (Gabriella dot Bersanetti at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Papers for consideration by the Committee should be submitted to the Secretary two weeks in advance of the meeting at which they are to be considered.

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Dates of meetings of the Partnerships Committee can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

Click here to access minutes of previous meetings.

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