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Policy Oversight Group

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Restricted Area for Members of the Policy Oversight Group

Membership 2022/23 subject to approval by the University Executive Board

Secretary to Council (Chair)

Dr Chris Twine

Chief Information Technology Officer, or nominee

James Alexander

Commercial Director, or nominee

Oliver Cooper

Chair of Faculty of Arts, or nominee

Professor Rachel Moseley

Chair of the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine, or nominee

Professor Lorenzo Frigerio

Chair of the Faculty of Social Science, or nominee

Professor Nick Vaughan-Williams

Director of HR, or nominee

Geraldine Mills

Director of Estates, or nominee

Duncan Stiles

Academic Registrar, or nominee

Roberta Wooldridge-Smith

Director of Finance, or nominee

Pippa Glover

Director of Social Inclusion, or nominee

Kulbir Shergill

Director of Research Impact Services, or nominee

Dr Navdeep Bains

Director of Health and Safety, or nominee

John Phillips

Head of Governance Services

Katharine Gray
Director of Wellbeing and Safeguarding, or nominee Dr Hannah Friend
Director of Student Discipline and Resolution, or nominee Helen Knee

One student representative nominated by the Students’ Union

Will Brewer

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To have strategic oversight, on behalf of the University Executive Board, of the University’s policies. The Policy Oversight Group will undertake consultation and ensure that each policy conforms to the University’s Policy Framework, complies with internal regulations and external legislation, and fulfils relevant compliance training and monitoring.

Terms of Reference

To approve:

1) Revisions to all existing University policies ensuring they comply with internal regulations and external legislation.

To recommend to UEB:

2) Consider and make recommendations on all new policies to ensure they conform to the University’s Policy Framework, are consistent, and do not impact, duplicate or conflict with, internal regulations and external legislation.

3) Review, in consultation with relevant committees and more widely, any compliance training, monitoring or recording required as part of policy implementation.

4) Review and develop the University’s Policy Framework on an annual basis.

5) Consider and recommend the annual audit of University policies, including any compliance monitoring requirement, to ensure the policies remain appropriate.

To receive from relevant committees (e.g. University Health & Safety committee, University Information Management Committee this list is not exhaustive):

6) Proposals for revisions to policies for approval by this committee before publication of the policy.

7) Proposals for compliance training, monitoring and recording.

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Reporting Structure

The Policy Oversight Group reports to the University Executive Board.

Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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Secretary: Emma Jeavons, Assistant Registrar (Governance)

Assistant Secretary: Salma Ahmed, Administrative Officer (Governance)

Correspondence should be sent to

The timetable for submission of reports to the Policy Oversight Group is available hereLink opens in a new window.

A completed report and coversheet should be submitted electronically as a Word document to 

Templates for reports should be requested from the email above.

If amendments to an existing policy or a new policy is being submitted, please ensure you complete the policy coversheet template.Link opens in a new window

The Secretariat will confirm when the paper has been approved, note any amendments required and confirm the paper number.

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Dates of meetings of the Policy Oversight Group can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

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