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Lecture Capture


The University of Warwick automated lecture recording system is powered by Echo360.

Lecture Capture recordings are published online so that students can study the lecture again, bookmarking particular points or filling in missing notes at their convenience, making it an ideal revision tool.

Our Lecture Capture service offers you a suite of tools that make it easy for you to produce video content for your students to access. This includes an audio recording of your lecture along with anything you present on the screen. In the large lecture theatres, you can even have a video of you speaking. In some theatres, we're able to record chalkboard lectures. Recordings are scheduled by the Lecture Capture team using data from central timetabling.

Lecture Capture is installed in 68 centrally timetabled room and in 41 locally timetabled rooms. More information about these rooms can be found here.

Personal Capture software is also available for making recordings on your own device and uploading to Echo360.

There are 3 steps to having your lectures recorded:


Submit a Consent Form (only required once)


Complete a Recording booking form *

* If you have a Departmental Co-ordinator they can complete this request on your behalf.


Deliver your Lecture *

*Find out how to use a wireless microphone provided (where available).

Accessing Echo360
 Staff - You must complete our lecturer consent form so we can create your account. Your recordings can be managed (edit and published) via your Moodle module page. Watch our training videos to find out what you can do with Lecture Capture.
Students - If your lecture has been recorded; it can be accessed via Moodle. If you don't currently use Moodle don't worry, you'll be able to follow a link straight to it from your module pages. To find out more see the Moodle FAQs. If you're having any problems with viewing recorded lectures, email us at lecturecapture at warwick dot ac dot uk.