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Lecture Capture


The University of Warwick’s automated lecture capture system is powered by Echo360. Lecture capture is available in over 175 spaces within the campus estate.

The Lecture Capture service offers you a suite of tools that make it easy for you to produce content for your students to access. This includes an audio recording of your lecture along with anything you present on the screen. In the large lecture theatres, you can even have a video of you speaking. In some theatres, we're able to record chalkboard lectures. Recordings are scheduled by the Lecture Capture team using data from central timetabling.

Please note, Universal Capture (Personal) is the recommended way to create and deliver lectures whilst remote working.

The lecture capture scheduling team is available 9am - 5pm, weekdays only. During busy periods (i.e. start of term) please allow at least 2 working days for new schedules to be setup and for changes to existing schedules to be actioned. We cannot guarantee that requests made after this time or on the day of a recording can be actioned.

Three steps to start capturing lectures on campus:

Step One - Submit your consent form

Lecture captures cannot be scheduled unless a consent form has been submitted.

You are only required to submit this form once.

Step Two - Schedule your recordings

Check the room booking details are correct for module recordings.

Complete the recording booking form.

Step Three - Deliver your session

Recording will begin automatically.

Wear the microphone provided in the room.

You can manually change what is being recorded in some rooms.

Further Guidance and Resources

For support and guidance with Lecture Capture and delivering lectures online visit the Academic Technology website.