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Digital Signage Content Management System unavailable on Tuesday 21st March AM

Onelan has released an updated version of the digital signage Content Management System (CMS) which we have successfully tested. We would like to update the CMS on the morning of Tuesday 21 March, which will result in the CMS being unavailable for a period of time until around 11.30am. The update provides some bug fixes for the version of software that the CMS is currently running, along with some performance improvements, and we need to perform the update to either resolve or further diagnose the unresponsiveness of the CMS as well as the “Service Unavailable” messages that can appear when trying to administer signage content.

We envisage that once the update has been applied there should be no additional problems using the CMS. However, if any problems are encountered with the CMS during the day, we may need to roll the server back to the version it is running now. This would undo any changes to content you have made during the day, but this is unlikely to happen. We will send out a further update to let you know that the updates have been applied to the CMS successfully and you are able to log in and use it again as normal. If any problems are found and the CMS needs to be rolled back to the version that it is running now, we will of course update you on this.

If you encounter any problems with using the CMS on Tuesday 21 March following the updates, or indeed at any time, please go to and select “Report a fault with a digital signage screen” and fill in as much information as you can regarding the fault you have encountered; this will then be investigated by us.

We have chosen a Tuesday morning as this will give you an opportunity to upload any content you need to the CMS the day before the work commences, as well as being after the end of the university term. Anything that has been scheduled to happen on your screens will still happen as planned and there won’t be any interruption to the signage screen displays themselves, it will just mean that you aren’t able to make any changes to your signage content on the CMS until the update is complete.

If you have any queries about the update, please visit and select “Digital signage technical enquiries” or email