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Video Conferencing

If staff in your department spend time and money travelling to meet people away from campus, you can cut costs by using our Video Conferencing Service. We'll take care of running the technology for you, including:

  • Working with the technical contacts at the site you're connecting to
  • Testing the connections in advance to make sure they're reliable for you on the day
  • Setting up the connection on the day so it's all ready for you to use
  • Monitoring your conference as it happens, and helping if there are any problems

Request a video conference

When we set up a video conference it’s a complex business, usually involving people from outside the University and often in different time zones. The earlier you book it in and the more information you give us, the smoother it will be for you on the day.

For the best service we need the following information at least 3 working days before the conference, to allow us to complete a test call on your behalf:

  • Time and date of call.
  • Number of people attending the meeting at Warwick.
  • Contact information for the remote site(s).
  • Connection details (IP or SIP Address for the video conference facility we’re connecting to).

If we don’t get this information before the 3 working day deadline, we’ll endeavour to support your call, but we can’t promise that everything will run smoothly.

Locations of the suites

We have several video conferencing rooms available, equipped with cameras and microphones:


Who can I connect to?

We can connect with any site across the world which has a compatible video conference suite available. We are happy to liaise with the far site for you if you are unsure they have the right equipment.

What if the person at the far end has no access to a conference suite?

We can provide software that they can download and install on a PC/Mac. All they'll need is a webcam, a headset and a reliable internet connection.

What if I want to run a different type of Video Conference?

If you need to run a video conference that's not just for a sit down 'face to face' meeting, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What are the benefits of using a Video Conference suite?

Our video conference suites are connected to servers on campus which provide a very good quality connection. This means you get good quality audio and video. Also, if you have multiple attendees in a room, a suite may be more comfortable than crowding round a laptop or PC.

Want to just make the call from your laptop or PC? We also support Skype for Business.