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3PAR Storage - Phase 1 roll-out

The first phase of the 3PAR production roll-out released the service to a variety of IT Services VMWare and clustered installations.


Following a successful test period, the Phase 1 roll-out was intended to finalise configurations for larger scale deployment, to ramp up usage and to test support procedures prior to implementation of the full-scale production service. It also incorporated the testing of a second 3PAR storage array which was due to be commissioned by the end of April 2010.


Phase 1 was limited to IT Services internal VMWare servers and clustered systems used by the Application Server Management team.


Storage was made available from 25th March 2010.


All requests for storage will be made via the IT Services call management process.

System requirements

System requirements are based on the results of the testing phase.

  • VMWare ESX 3.5 U4 (QLogic HBAs, LUN Queue Depth throttling enabled, Fixed Multipath Policy)
  • VMWare ESX 4.0 U1 (QLogic HBAs, LUN Queue Depth throttling enabled, Round Robin Multipath Policy)

Testing phase 

Phase 2 - External production