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3PAR - Test period

February - March 2010

The initial testing process for the 3PAR storage array has been completed successfully. It ran through Feburary and March, and proved the correct function of the storage equipment and its fibre-optic network. During the test process, several configuration changes were identified to improve access to the storage facilities for the connected VMWare servers. In addition, several different storage configurations were examined in order to identify the best combination of speed and flexibility for the server virtualisation project.

Successful completion of these tests allows the system to move forward to a phased roll-out, first to selected production VMWare systems, and subsequently to the wider community, where system performance and size requirements are appropriate. The Phase 1 roll-out involves a informal testing phase, where a second 3PAR array is installed, the capabilities for mirroring and moving storage volumes are assessed and the appropriate service procedures will be defined and implemented.

Phase 1 - Internal production roll-out

Phase 2 - External production

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