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3PAR Storage - Phase 2 roll-out

The second phase of the 3PAR production roll-out is to release the service as part of the IT Services storage provision.


Following a successful Phase 1 roll-out, Phase 2 will allow suitable systems to make use of the advanced features and performance provided by the 3PAR storage systems.


Phase 2 will be available to the University on a similar basis to the previous Sun/Storagetek SAN.


Storage will be made available from the start of the Academic Year 2010/2011.


All requests for storage will be made via the IT Services call management process.

System requirements

System requirements will be tightly controlled, both for the hardware and operating systems which may be connected to the 3PAR storage, and for the type of application for which the storage is allocated.


Testing phase 

Phase 1 - Internal production roll-out


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