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Ongoing activities

Priority setting

The work schedule of the Management Information Service Team is set by the service board. At each service board the current activities and proposed future activities are reviewed and decisions made on priorities for the next term. In the event of an urgent requirement that will substantially disrupt the agreed priorities then the service board will be contacted by eMail for guidance. The more recent activity has had a substantial element of maintenance of the infrastructure that underpins the service, this has focused on changing the tools used to load data into the Warehouse. The replacement tools has reduced the ongoing software maintenance costs and has increased the available data load capacity, the latter was a concern as the overnight load were exceeding four hours. The increase speed in data processing is required for the increase in size of the data being processed and the need for more timely data

Activity Estimated time required Estimated completion Status Comments
Replace the IBM Data load tool with the Microsoft rool
120 Days July 2014
Active development
Elements of the change are being moved into production on a step by step basis
Cognos upgrade
30 Days May 2014
Completed and resolved an issue with users using Internet Explorer 10 to access Cognos reports.
Real time Admsisons data during confirmation and clearing
20 days
August 2014
In progress Hourly updates on the admissions position during the confirmaiotn and clearing period

    The papers considered at the service board and any decisions made will be recorded here