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Disconnection policy & reconnection charge

Any misuse of the ResNet Service including, but not limited to, those described in the Acceptable Use Policy, will be regarded as a serious disciplinary matter. Misuse will result in the immediate termination of your access to the ResNet Service. The disconnection period depends upon the nature of the misuse. It may also result in disciplinary action being taken by the University, or an investigation by the police.

The following disconnection periods and reconnection charges apply:

  1. Viruses: A £35 reconnection charge will apply for reconnection after the third disconnection due to virus infection. There is no defined period of disconnection - once the virus threat has been removed, reconnection can be sought immediately.
  2. General Misuse: Upon detection of a suspected breach of the AUP, you will be immediately disconnected. If this is the first breach, you will need to contact the Student Computing Helpdesk to arrange an appointment with the Service Point who will advise the reason for the disconnection and provide guidance on how to stay within the AUP. Should you be detected on a second occasion, a 28 day disconnection period and £50 reconnection charge will apply. Examples of General Misuse breach include, but are not limited to, using peer to peer file sharing (both encrypted & unencrypted), or CERT complaints relating to a machine connected to the ResNet Service.
  3. Copyright Abuse: This will incur a 56 day disconnection period and £70 reconnection charge. Copyright abuse relates to the illegal downloading & distribution of copyrighted material irrespective of the mechanism used to do so. This is a serious offence, and there has been substantial, international, media coverage associated with this type of activity. The law is quite specific in this area and ignorance of the illegality of this activity is not a legitimate defence.
  4. Network Abuse: This will incur a 56 day disconnection period and £100 reconnection charge. Examples of network abuse include, but are not limited to, port scanning, connection of hubs, switches, wireless access points, routers, and unauthorised servers to the Network Connection in your room. In severe cases, for example where serious illegal activity has taken place or where repeated breaches of the conditions in this acceptable use policy have occurred, action may be bought under the terms of the University’s major disciplinary process (see University Calendar, Regulation 23). This action may result in the permanent removal of access to the ResNet Service for the remainder of the year, and may also prevent a resident from returning to Halls in future years.