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Eduroam for Android

    Note: Some older Android 10 and 11 phones are unable to connect to eduroam due to a software bug in the Android firmware. Manufacturers affected by this issue include Xiaomi, Oppo, Motorola, Fairphone and OnePlus.

    From the Android Home Screen, tap the Menu button.

    Tap the Settings menu.

    Tap the relevant menu for your wireless settings, this may be Connections or Wireless & Networks or Wireless or Wi-Fi.

    Screenshot of the Android settings menu

    From the list of connections, tap eduroam.

    Screenshot of the Android wireless network selection menu

    Select the following settings:

    • EAP method : PEAP.
    • Phase 2 authentication : MSCHAPv2.
    • CA certificate : Use system certificates or install the certificate manually
    • Domain :
    • Identity : Enter your University of Warwick username (for example
    • Anonymous identity : Leave as blank.
    • Password : Enter your IT Services Password.
    • Online certificate status: Request status

    Android versions from Android 11 have introduced new ways of handling CA certificates. Select Use system certificates to use the certificates that come pre-installed on your device. There may be occasions where your device does not include the correct certificate and you will need to install the certificate manually.

    Screenshot of the Android wireless network advanced settings for Eduroam

    Finally tap Connect.

    Once completed you will then be able to access the Internet.

    If you require further assistance please visit the ITS Drop-In on the 1st Floor of the Library or contact the ITS Helpdesk.