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How do I include an equation in my entry?

Warwick Blogs supports LateX markup, which means that you can include this special markup in your blog entry and it will appear as a nicely presented equation.

You must be in the process of creating or editing an entry to include an equation. You must sign in to your blog before creating or editing an entry.

    Type the LateX markup for your equation beginning with <Latex> and ending with </Latex>. (Disregard the triangular brackets and use square brackets in the code).

    For example:


    When you have finished writing or editing your entry, click on the 'Publish now' button: Publish now button

    You should now see that the LateX markup has disappeared from the published version, and a nicely formatted equation is in its place, like this:

    Example of a equation converted from LateX in a blog entry

    Example: You might want to use your blog to discuss and consider a particular equation (which you could set as viewable only to yourself and your tutor).