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How do I add lists to my entry?

You must be in the process of creating or editing an entry to add a list. You must sign in to your blog before creating or editing an entry.

Note: If you wish to add a list to an entry that you are in the process of creating, you should remember to give the entry a title and select the appropriate privacy settings before you publish it.

  1. Type the text of your list into the large text box under 'Text of entry', hitting 'Enter' after each item on your list. You do not need to type numbers for your list.
  2. Decide whether you would like a bulleted list or a numbered list. Highlight the text of your list and then click either the 'Bulleted list button Bulleted list' button or 'Numbered list button Numbered list' button to the right of the text box. You should now see either an asterisk (*) or a hash (#) to the left of each item on your list.
  3. When you have finished writing or editing your entry, click on the 'Publish now' button: Publish now button

You should now see that the asterisks or hashes have disappeared from the published version, and that there is either a consecutive number or a bullet to the left of each item on your list.

If you don't like clicking buttons with the mouse while you're typing, you can just type the asterisks or hash characters yourself like this:-

* Monday
* Tuesday
* Wednesday

# First numbered item
# Second numbered item

Note: Remember to leave a space after the asterisk or the hash.

Example: You can use your blog to write an essay plan (which you could set as viewable only to yourself and your tutor). You might want to use a list to summarise each of the main points of discussion in your essay.