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Can I see what my entry will look like before I publish it?

You can see what your entry will look like by using the 'Preview' function. You must be in the process of creating or editing an entry to preview it. You must sign in to your blog before creating or editing an entry.

Note: Before you preview an entry, you must give it a title.

  1. When you have finished creating or editing an entry, click on the 'Preview' button 'Preview' button found under the large text box next to the 'Publish now' button.

  2. You should now see a preview of what your entry will look like when it is published. If you are happy with the appearance of the entry, click on the 'Publish now' button 'Publish now' button at the top of the page. (If you want to make any changes to the entry, click on the 'Continue editing' button Continue Editing button, which will take you back to the create/edit entry screen where you can make further changes to your entry.)

You should see that the entry has been added to your blog.

Example: You have written an entry that uses quite a lot of formatting and want to get an idea of how it will look before you actually publish it, so you could use the 'Preview' facility.