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How can I add a link to my favourites?

Before you can add a link to your favourites, you must be signed in.

To edit your favourites page and add a link, either click on one of your favourite folders in the left hand column of your blog or click on the 'Admin' link in the utilities bar and then click on 'Manage your favourite blogs'. You should see your favourites page.

There are two columns on your favourites page. The left one shows your list of folders and favourites. The right one shows all the entries from your favourites. Underneath the list of folders in the left hand column, you'll see a button that says 'Add a URL'. This allows you to add links to external (non-Warwick) blogs or external web sites (such as to your favourites.

  1. Click on the 'Add a URL' button at the bottom of the left hand column. You should see a screen that allows you to specify the web address for the link and add it to your favourites.
  2. Select the folder that you wish to add the link to.
  3. Next to 'Web address' type or paste in the address for the link. For example:
  4. Next to 'Title' add a title for the link, such as 'BBC web site'. The title is what will show in your list of favourites.
  5. Next to 'Description' add a description for the link. For example: News, TV, radio and current affairs site.
  6. Finally, click on the 'Add to my favourite blogs' button. You will then see a screen confirming that the link has been added to your favourites.
  7. Click on 'View my favourite blogs' to return to your favourites page and check that the link has been added. You can identify a link within your list of favourites by this icon favourite link. The blog will also have been added to your list of favourites in the left hand column of your blog. You can get directly to the blog by clicking on this icon Go to icon .

Note: This is not the way to add a Warwick blog to your list of favourites. You can do that by browsing to the blog that you like and clicking on the heart icon Favourites icon. This will add the blog to your favourites.