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How can I organise my favourites into folders?

To organise your favourites, you need to be signed in first.

  1. Click Admin in your blog's menu bar.
  2. Click Manage your favourite blogs. You should see your favourite blogs page where you can create, edit and delete folders.
  3. Click Create new folder at the bottom of the left-hand column. A new screen titled Create a new folder in your favourite blogs is displayed:
    Screenshot: create a new folder in your favourite blogs
  4. Enter a title for your folder in the Title field. For example, this could be ‘Project blogs’.
  5. Enter a description for the folder. For example: ‘Blogs from people in my project team’.
  6. Decide who you would like to see this particular folder of favourites. If you don't mind who sees this folder, leave the default setting Anyone selected. If you want to keep this list of favourites to yourself, select the Private checkbox.
  7. Finally, click Create new folder. You should see a screen telling you that the folder has been created successfully.
  8. Click Return to my favourite blogs and check the folder has been created.
  9. You can then continue to add blogs or links to the folder.