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Instructions to add a link from a SiteBuilder web site

Note: All these banners have been designed so that they'll fit in the right hand column of your web site, if that's where you wish to use them.

Adding a link using the content editor

To add a link using the content editor:

  1. Click on the Edit link and then click on the Edit centre content link (making sure that the JScript editor is selected in the drop down list).
  2. The content editor will appear. Place the cursor on the page where you want to add the image and click on the icon called 'Image Picker'.
  3. A dialog box will appear. Type the filename of the image into the Image URL box as follows:

    For animated banner 1 type: /brands/icons/bloganibanner1.gif
    For animated banner 2 type: /brands/icons/bloganibanner2.gif
    For animated banner 3 type: /brands/icons/bloganibanner3.gif
    For static banner 1 type: /brands/icons/blogadbanner1.gif
    For static banner 2 type: /brands/icons/blogadbanner2.gif

  4. Type the following suitable phrase in the Image description box:

    Warwick Blogs

  5. You should also enter the size of your image. For any one of the animated banners this is 161 pixels wide by 82 pixels high. For the static banners this is 161 pixels wide and 70 pixels high.
  6. From the drop down list next to Alignment, you can choose whether your image should be aligned to the left or right of the text, for example. Select an alignment from the list or leave it as not set.
  7. This is all you need to enter. Click 'Insert'.

You should now see your image within the content editor. Next, you need turn the image into a link:

  1. Highlight the image.
  2. Click on the 'Insert/edit link' icon and type in: for the Warwick Blogs homepage collection for the directory of blog collections, or followed by department code for a departmental collection. For example, is the blog collection for all of the blogs owned by students in the Medical School. A complete list of departmental codes is available here.

  3. Click 'Insert' and then click 'Publish' and 'Done'.

Your chosen banner should now link to Warwick Blogs. Try clicking it to make sure!

Adding a link by copying the html code

Alternatively, you can copy the following code to the relevant place on your site via the source view of the content editor or the edit raw html view.

  • For an animated banner copy:

    <a href=""><img height="82" border="0" width="161" alt="Warwick Blogs" src="/brands/icons/bloganibanner1.gif"></a>

    and change the image name to correspond with the animated banner that you would like to use:

    animated banner 1: /brands/icons/bloganibanner1.gif
    animated banner 2: /brands/icons/bloganibanner2.gif
    animated banner 3: /brands/icons/bloganibanner3.gif

  • To create a link with one of the static banners, copy the following code to the relevant place on your site:

    <a href=""><img height="70" border="0" width="161" alt="Warwick Blogs" src="/brands/icons/blogadbanner1.gif"></a>

    and change the image name to correspond with the static banner that you would like to use:

    static banner 1: /brands/icons/blogadbanner1.gif
    static banner 2: /brands/icons/blogadbanner2.gif