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What is a blog?

A blog is a simple way of having your own web site. The word is short for "web log", and that is exactly what it is, a web site that's like a log or journal.

A blog usually belongs to a single person, although it can also be owned by a small group. The blog owner periodically writes entries and publishes them onto their blog. Each new entry is added to the blog, with the most recent entries being shown on the home page of the blog. Older entries are archived into other pages, such as monthly archives. In this way the blog is used to show an up-to-date view of the owner's work, ideas, activities or whatever they are interested in talking about. If you are using a blog, it will provide a continuous record of your activities, progress and development.

You can customise the appearance of your blog, write music and book reviews, create photo galleries and develop ideas. You can join the Warwick Blogs community and get to know people with similar interests, read what your seminar group thinks about the latest discussion topic and comment on other peoples' blog entries. Interested? Find out how to register for a blog.

A blog design called 'backchat' A blog design called 'retro' An orange blog design
A blue blog design A blog design called 'grungy' A blog design with daisies

Sample blogs showing the some of the different designs available for you to select

Each blog has a header bar which contains the title of the blog. Just underneath this is a utility bar which contains all the links that you need to manage your blog, write entries and create galleries. Below this, the blog is dividied into a left column (sidebar) and a main column. The sidebar contains a calendar and links to most recent entries, galleries, most recent comments, tags and types of entry. The main column contains entries that have been written, with the most recent at the top.