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How do I get a picture to appear in an entry?

You must be in the process of creating or editing an entry to add a picture to the entry. You must sign in to your blog before creating or editing an entry.

Note: If you wish to add a picture to an entry that you are in the process of creating, you should remember to give the entry a title and select the appropriate privacy settings before you publish it.

  1. Write the text for your entry in the large text box under 'Text of entry icon Text of entry'.
  2. Click on the 'Image Picker' button: 'Insert image' button to the right of the text box. You can choose from any images you have already uploaded and it will be inserted in the page. Or you can click the 'Your computer' tab to upload a new image to your blog. You will need to give new images a description. You can also align them left or right in the body of your page, so that text wraps around them.
  3. If you wish to change the display of your image once it's in the page, right click on it and select the link labeled 'Insert/edit image' then click the appearance tab. You can change the images alignment the amount of space around it and the size at which it appears from here. Click Update when you've select your settings.
  4. You can also set your image to be a link via the right click menu if you wish using the 'Insert/edit link'.