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How can I control who can see my entries?

When you write an entry on your blog, you can control who can see it. This control is achieved through creating groups of people who you can then allow to see various entries. There are several preset groups such as 'Anyone', 'Staff', 'Students', 'Staff/Students' and 'Just me', and one group ready and waiting for you to add people to it which is called 'Friends', but you can also create your own groups.

The default setting is 'Anyone' which means that anyone could read an entry on your blog, in other words, it is a public entry. Should you want to create a private entry, then you would need to decide what level of privacy is appropriate. You could decide that 'Staff/Students' can see your entry, which would effectively mean everyone at the University. Alternatively, you might choose 'Just me', which would mean that no-one else would be able to see your entry.

To control who can see your entry, you must first be signed into BlogBuilder with your IT Services username and password.

  1. On the right hand side of the utility bar of your blog you will see a link that says 'Create entry'. Hover over the 'Create entry' link and a drop down menu will appear. Choose the type of entry you wish to create. The create new entry screen should appear.
  2. Write your entry in the normal way.
  3. Decide on who can see your entry. Then click on the drop down privacy list under 'Privacy level icon Who can see this entry?' and select the level of privacy that you would like for the entry. The levels of privacy are explained below.

    Choosing the level of privacy
  4. When you have finished writing your entry, click on the 'Publish now' button Publish now button.

If you have decided to make the entry private to a particular group, then you should see a padlock icon Padlock icon next to the entry's title. If you have already written your entry and you subsequently decide that you want it to be private, then you can click on the 'Edit' link below the entry and follow steps 3 and 4 above.

The choices that you may see in the drop down privacy list include:

  • Anyone
    Anyone can see the entry
  • Staff
    Only staff at the University of Warwick and the blog owner can see the entry
  • Students
    Only students at the University of Warwick and the blog owner can see the entry
  • Staff/Students
    Only staff and students at the University of Warwick and the blog owner can see the entry
  • Friends
    Only people that have been added to the friends group and the blog owner can see the entry. Note that this group is initially empty until you add some people to it.
  • Contributors
    Only contributors to the blog and the blog owner can see the entry
  • Just me
    Only the owner of the blog can see the entry
  • Custom...
    Allows you to choose a combination of your groups

plus any groups that you have created.

When you select one of these groups it means that the group will be able to read your blog entry. You can also control who is able to comment on your blog entry by clicking on the drop down list under 'Who can comment on this entry icon Who can comment on this entry?' and selecting the appropriate group.

The 'Custom...' group allows you to choose a combination of your groups. When you choose 'Custom...' a pop-up window appears. All the groups, including ones you have created yourself are listed. Next to each group is a checkbox. Tick as many of the boxes as you wish to create a custom group. Then click the 'Done' button.

Example: You and your housemates went out to Top B and got a little bit tipsy. Someone took a camera and so you decide to write an entry about your night out including some of the embarrassing photos. You could set it so only 'Students' can see the entry (and not your parents or your personal tutor).