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How do I add BBC News, BBC Sport or another feed to my blog?

On the right hand side of the Admin sidebar page there are a number of popular feeds that can be added to your blog in a single click. To add one of these feeds, follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your Sidebar admin page by clicking the "Admin" link at the top right of your blog (whilst signed in) and then clicking on the Sidebar link to see a list of items on your sidebar.
  2. Click on the feed you wish to add from the "Add a popular feed to your sidebar" box

    Add a popular feed
  3. After a short delay, the sidebar item appears at the bottom of your sidebar. You can modify this item in a similar way to any other sidebar item.

    The feed appears
If the feed you want is not on the popular feeds list, see How do I create a sidebar item for a remote feed?

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