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How do I delete a tag?

You must be signed in to delete a tag.

  1. In the right hand side of the utility bar of your blog you will see a link that says 'Admin'. Click on the 'Admin' link. The Manage your blog screen should appear.
  2. Click on 'Edit your tags' in the 'Blog content' box. The Edit your tags screen should appear.
  3. You should see a list of your tags.
  4. To delete a tag click on the 'delete' button next to the appropriate tag.
  5. You will then be asked if you are sure you wish to delete this tag. Click on 'Delete'.
  6. Click on 'Close'
  7. Click on the 'Back to blog manager' button Back to blog manager button. You will now see the 'Manage your blog' screen.
  8. Click on the 'Back to my blog' button Back to my blog button at the bottom of the screen.