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What are trackbacks?

Trackbacks are links between entries on different blogs. Trackbacks are produced when someone creates an entry on their blog that is about an entry on another blog. When you are browsing other blogs, you’ll see a link called 'Blog this!’ below each entry. If you are particularly interested in an entry, rather than just commenting on it, you might want to write about it on your own blog.

If you click the ‘Blog this!’ link at the bottom of the entry you want to write about, you will be taken to BlogBuilder’s create entry screen so that you can write an entry on your blog.

Click the 'Blog this!' link at the bottom of an entry to write about it

Once you publish the entry, a trackback will be created on the original blog, to show the blog owner that you have written about one of their entries. Similarly, if someone writes about one of your entries, a trackback will appear underneath that entry.

The trackback link shows the blog owner someone has written about their entry

The 'Trackback icon Trackbacks' link shows how many people have written about an entry. Clicking on it will take you to the Trackbacks section for that entry, which is just below the Comments section. Here you will see for each trackback, the title of the trackback entry (which acts as a link to the entry), an excerpt from it, the name of the blog the trackback has been made on and the date it was written.

The trackback section