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What does 'Blog this!' mean?

When you are browsing other blogs, you’ll see a link called ‘Blog this!’ below each entry. This link enables you to blog about the entry on your own blog. It might be that you have read about a particularly interesting idea or point of view and you want to develop the idea on your own blog. To do this, you would use the ‘Blog this!’ and trackback facilities in BlogBuilder.

To ‘Blog this!’ and create a trackback, you must first be signed into blogs with your IT Services username and password.

  1. Underneath the entry that you have found interesting, you’ll see a link called ‘Blog this!’. Click on the ‘Blog this!’ link and you’ll see BlogBuilder’s create entry screen appear. You can use this to create an entry on your own blog. BlogBuilder knows which blog is yours because you are signed in.

    The Blog This! link is at the bottom of the entry
  2. Write the entry in the normal way. Note that BlogBuilder has automatically included a link to the entry that you are writing about.
  3. Click the ‘Publish now’ button Publish now button.

You should see that a new entry has been created on your blog with a link back to the original entry that you were blogging about. At the same time, a trackback will have been added to the original entry to alert the blog owner that you have written about one of their entries.

The new entry will be created on your blog, with a link back to the entry and blog you are writing about