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Send, receive and share files

Use to upload your files, access them anywhere online and share them. You can send file download invitations and receive files from other people too.

What's the best file sharing tool for you?

Files.Warwick is ideal for when you need to:

  • send or receive files over 10 MB in size, which is the limit for incoming and outgoing email attachments at the University (note that file download invitations expire after seven days)
  • quickly share a file over 10 MB in size with Warwick members or any external email address
  • share files with specific Warwick members, web groups or external user codes who must sign in to access the files

Note that the:

  • storage quota for a file space in Files.Warwick starts at 2 GB
  • maximum single file transfer size is 4.5 GB

Other options for file sharing

If you plan to share sensitive data, need a complex folder structure or intend to share many files, a shared drive might be better for you. You can access the shared drive online from any location via a web browser, Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Also, you can share files securely with people outside Warwick. See the MyFiles service for more details.

To work on shared documents collaboratively with others at Warwick, OneDrive for Business (part of Microsoft Office 365) is ideal. You can work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations with others simultaneously, and track the version history of edited files.