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Exam timetables FAQs

What can the system do?

Admin staff group:-

  • Publish a specific profile.
  • View timetable of students based on enrolment status.
  • Generate various reports.
  • Change details for special needs (time/room/ seat)
  • View timetable of any student (this can be done by any staff member).


  • View timetable corresponding to the published profile only (as PDF).

Who can access the system?

Exam timetable can be accessed by both staff and students. Staff can view timetable for any student.

What can admin staff set up?

Admin staff can configure various parameters. These parameters are configurable –

  • Current exam profile – Admin staff can choose a profile and students can view timetable corresponding to the chosen profile
  • Publish – If the flag is yes then only students can view timetable.
  • Instructions/ Header info – These get displayed in PDF when students view time table

The members of a specific web group are recognised as admin staff. IT staff can add members to this group based on the request from exam office team.

Where is the timetable data held?

The exam info is stored is SITS and the ETT system interacts with SITS through the RMI service.

How can I view timetable of another profile?

Currently you can only view exams of the profile that have been published by the exam office. There is a future enhancement where students can choose a profile and view exams corresponding to that profile.

Do I need any additional software to view PDF?

You would need software capable of reading PDF documents, such as Adobe Reader. If this is not currently installed on your PC, you can locate it under the Warwick Tree (IT Services delivered applications). To find it, click on the word "Viewers". If for some reason you do not have access to the Tree, the software can be downloaded free from:

Why can't I see exams?

You can only see exams corresponding to the profile that has been published by the exam office. If the exams are not yet published, you won't see any data.

If the exams are published and you get a blank page make sure you have adobe installed. There is a known issue with some safari versions. In case you are trying to view pdf document in safari and it doesn't work, use other browser (example - Firefox/IE). If it still does not work, raise call to IT helpdesk.