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Invigilator Management

The Invigilator Management system allows departmental contacts to nominate invigilators for the forthcoming exams and also sends notification about the invigilated slots to all the nominated invigilators.

IT Services provides guidance on use and development of the service to the Academic Registrar's Office as well as supporting, hosting and developing the service.

Application specific service activities:

  • Management of Departmental contacts
  • Invigilator Nomination
  • Special needs exam room slot allocation
  • Notification to the departmental contacts
  • Allocated exam slot(s) notification to the nominated invigilators
  • Report generation
  • Senior Invigilator allocation

Service Level Agreement

See standard SLA (link)

Application specific availability information

Required availability period: April - May

Critical availability periods: April - May

Currently, in order to ensure the application is fully functional and secure, there are

  • database upgrades as necessary

Application specific performance information

Process used for measurement of response time: logon and retrieval of menu system.


The level of service provided excludes ......

  • Training
  • User management



This service has dependencies upon the following 3rd parties:-

  • SITS RMI Service (system interacts through RMI to retrieve SITS data. If the SITS db is down, the system is still available but some functionality is disabled)
  • Membership Interface( to retrieve the member information. If the membership RMI service is down, the system is still available but some functionality is disabled)
  • Base data Interface (Departmental data is extracted from the basedata. If the base data is down, the system is still available with all functionality)