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Invigilator Mgmt FAQs

What can the system do?

Admin staff group:-

  • choose a specific profile, add/update guidance notes for allocating invigilators (departmental contacts refer to these notes), add/update notes for nominated invigilators(email sent to invigilators can refer to these notes).
  • assign departmental contact for each department through Manage Dept Contacts menu option.
  • Create exam slots for special needs (Special Needs Exam slots menu option).
  • Send notification to departmental contacts
  • Send notification to invigilators once allocation is done
  • Allocate senior invigilators.


  • Nominate invigilators for all their departmental slots if they have been chosen as departmental contacts.
  • Send notification to academic office once all slots have been filled

    Who can access the system?

    The system can be accessed by staff only.

    What can admin staff set up?

    Admin staff can configure various parameters. These parameters are configurable –

    • Current exam profile – Admin staff can choose a profile and departmental contacts can assign invigilators corresponding to the slots that come under this profile.
    • Guidance Notes - (departmental contacts refer to these notes when allocating invigilators).
    • General Notes - (email sent to invigilators have reference to these notes).

    The members of a specific web group are recognised as admin staff. IT staff can add members to this group based on the request from exam office team.

    Where is the invigilator data held?

    Most of the data comes from SITS. There are certain things that are stored separately in its own oracle database(example - invigilators allocated to the exam slots).

    If as an admin member, I have emailed invigilators about their nominated slots and realise to add a few new slots and allocate invigilators, can I then email those new invigilators separately?

    No, you can't achieve that. Each department has a workflow and once invigilators are emailed about the slots, you have reached the end of that departmental workflow

    Why can’t departmental contact see members that he/she needs to set during invigilator allocation?

    The staff member list is retrieved from membership. Currently only staff and research students are retrieved from membership. There is an enhancement where we need to add postgraduate extensions also in addition to research type students.