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Files.Warwick 3.0.67 - 14th June 2011

Files.Warwick 3.0.67 was released on 14th June 2011.

Non-admin filespaces now shown on the Files.Warwick homepage

Files.Warwick now displays filespaces on the homepage where you aren't the owner or administrator, but have access to the top-level folder. These are displayed under a "Filespaces shared with you" section, as shown below:

Shared filespaces screenshot

General Improvements and fixes

  • The "Create folder" button displays correctly on filespaces where you aren't the admin but have "Change" permissions on a folder
  • The "Switch to old version" option has now been removed from the Files.Warwick interface


  • [FLE-999] - Create Folder option should dynamically appear


  • [FLE-1000] - Homepage should show filespaces where you have access to the top-level Files folder


  • [FLE-998] - Remove remaining 'switch to old version' button from homepage