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Files.Warwick 3.0.68 - 27th June 2011

Files.Warwick 3.0.68 was released on 27th June 2011. Highlights from this release include:

General Improvements and fixes

  • You can now access list of files and folders in other filespaces that you have permission to from the Files.Warwick homepage
  • You can now access a list of files and folders that you have been invited to download from the Files.Warwick homepage, provided they have not expired


  • [FLE-1002] - More info for Add Sharing event


  • [FLE-1005] - Ajax responses should be UTF-8 encoded
  • [FLE-1006] - Shared files and folder link breaks if there is none to show


  • [FLE-1003] - Show list of files and folders where you have permissions
  • [FLE-1004] - Tweaks to homepage

New Feature

  • [FLE-1001] - Display any non-expired file download invites on the homepage