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SiteBuilder release notes

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SiteBuilder 2.528 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.528 on Wednesday 4th January 2023. In this version, we:

  • Fixed an issue that caused date pickers to be cut off when contained in a small pop-up. Date pickers now always appear full-size, and will overhang the pop-up if necessary.
  • Improved the speed that changes are applied when editing permissions for large numbers of pages.
  • Improved notification emails for Forms pages to include the submission ID for individual submissions, to make cross-checking of submission data easier.
  • Made the following changes and improvements to the Components Editor:
    • Updated misleading text on the confirmation button that appears after selecting Preview and confirm when converting a page with detected accessibility issues. This now reads Continue to preview and confirm. The previous version of this button gave the impression that the page would be published, rather than previewed.
    • Updated text to clarify how to add accordion components to a page. This component can be found under Add Special Features > Tabs/accordion.
    • Added the option to set a Number of tweets to show in a Twitter feed component. Note that doing so will disable the Height in pixels field, and set the component to a standard height.
    • Fixed a bug that caused copied and pasted content to display incorrectly when used to replace everything in a component.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented users from using custom text in a campus map link. Prior to this fix, map links in Components Editor pages had to use the target location's name.

Technical notes

Bugs fixed

  • [SBTWO-10248] - Slowness when updating permissions for a site/large set of pages
  • [SBTWO-10743] - Indexing job queue only showing jobs where page is set
  • [SBTWO-10773] - Date picker is too big for Edit booking modal in some cases
  • [SBTWO-10779] - Name attribute stripped out of form element in custom HTML component
  • [SBTWO-10809] - Look into the failures of Cypress tests
  • [SBTWO-10812] - Unable to use custom link text when adding a map link to a Components Editor page
  • [SBTWO-10816] - Investigate failing functional tests
  • [SBTWO-10817] - Error when trying to view a pre-conversion page history item
  • [SBTWO-10820] - Pasting content over everything in a styled box leaves content outside of any wrapper
  • [SBTWO-10824] - Hibernate NPEs on test

Improvements made

  • [SBTWO-10774] - Add option to limit number of tweets to Twitter feed component
  • [SBTWO-10775] - Display disabled 'Copy page contents' link for old visual editor pages
  • [SBTWO-10776] - Change Components Editor left-hand menu item 'Tabs' to 'Tabs/accordion'
  • [SBTWO-10781] - Process some events in the background
  • [SBTWO-10796] - Consider including form submission ID in notification email
  • [SBTWO-10797] - Change button label when selecting Preview & confirm button on page with accessibility errors
  • [SBTWO-10810] - Quieten client disconnections

Dev Sub-tasks completed

  • [SBTWO-10815] - Set BatchSize on Page.permissions
  • [SBTWO-10818] - Modify the Mass Axe Audit stuff so it can handle page simplicity checks as well
Thu 05 Jan 2023, 14:40