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SiteBuilder release notes

SiteBuilder 2.532 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.532 on Wednesday 1st of February 2023. In this version, we:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Forms submission notification emails being sent if attached files were too large. Notification emails in these cases are now sent to inform the recipient that the attached files are too large, and direct them to View recent submissions to view or download the files.
Thu 02 Feb 2023, 15:40

SiteBuilder 2.531 released

We released SiteBuilder 2.531 on Tuesday 24th January 2023. In this version, we:

  • Fixed a bug where text in accordion components displayed in the wrong colour if the accordion was placed inside a layout block.
  • Made the following improvements to the appearance of the new resource bookings template:
    • Added a coloured border to each of your bookings, making it easier to identify where one ends and the next begins. Bookings by other users appear greyed out and Unavailable, with any admin-specified information displayed.
    • Reduced the amount of repeated text on the calendar view:
      • The Available text label on each slot is hidden from view, but remains available to screen readers. The button to create a booking indicates that a slot is available.
      • Bookings that span multiple slots only display the Booked text label on the first slot of that booking. If a resource allows more than one booking per slot, each time period still lists the number of slots available.
      • The Unavailable text label on periods of unavailability only appears on the first slot of the period.
      • In order to maintain accessibility compliance, the buttons to create or edit a booking, for example, continue to display on all slots of an extended booking.
Thu 26 Jan 2023, 14:53

SiteBuilder 2.530 released

We released SiteBuilder version 2.530 on Monday 16th January 2023. In this version, we:

  • Fixed a bug that caused an error when trying to create a new page from a template that has a subpage.
  • Updated Resource Booking calendars to display both term and week number when Term week numbers is selected in the Calendar view settings.
  • Improved the appearance of accordions in the Components Editor. Accordion items are now separated by a small gap, and display an arrow icon to quickly indicate whether they are open or closed. Note that existing pages with accordion components must be re-published for indicator arrows to display.
Thu 19 Jan 2023, 14:47

SiteBulder 2.529 released

We released SiteBuilder version 2.529 on Monday 9th January 2023. In this version, we:

  • Fixed a bug that caused unnecessary empty space to appear in the preview when converting pages with right-side content to the Components Editor.
  • Added a new block layout option containing two equal-width blocks to the Components Editor. This enables you to add two equal-width columns to your page without needing to edit the block sizes of a 2:1 block layout, for example.
    Mon 16 Jan 2023, 10:48

    SiteBuilder 2.528 released

    We released SiteBuilder 2.528 on Wednesday 4th January 2023. In this version, we:

    • Fixed an issue that caused date pickers to be cut off when contained in a small pop-up. Date pickers now always appear full-size, and will overhang the pop-up if necessary.
    • Improved the speed that changes are applied when editing permissions for large numbers of pages.
    • Improved notification emails for Forms pages to include the submission ID for individual submissions, to make cross-checking of submission data easier.
    • Made the following changes and improvements to the Components Editor:
      • Updated misleading text on the confirmation button that appears after selecting Preview and confirm when converting a page with detected accessibility issues. This now reads Continue to preview and confirm. The previous version of this button gave the impression that the page would be published, rather than previewed.
      • Updated text to clarify how to add accordion components to a page. This component can be found under Add Special Features > Tabs/accordion.
      • Added the option to set a Number of tweets to show in a Twitter feed component. Note that doing so will disable the Height in pixels field, and set the component to a standard height.
      • Fixed a bug that caused copied and pasted content to display incorrectly when used to replace everything in a component.
      • Fixed an issue that prevented users from using custom text in a campus map link. Prior to this fix, map links in Components Editor pages had to use the target location's name.
    Thu 05 Jan 2023, 14:40

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