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Sitebuilder 2.240 - 12th September 2011 - Release notes

Sitebuilder 2.240 was released on 12th September 2011. This release includes a critical fix for Get-Content-From pages that fetch from servers that have gzip enabled. Other highlights from this release include:

ID6 Warwick Web Template

We are now finalising the design for the new version of the Warwick web template, called ID6. We have set up a site to give further information (and a video that goes through the changes in detail) at

General fixes and improvements

  • Get content from pages from servers that use gzip no longer always say that the server is too slow to respond
  • It is no longer possible to view resources from a different page in a resource bookings page
  • Get Content From pages no longer throw errors on new page icons
Release Notes - Sitebuilder2 - Version 2.240


  • [SBTWO-4539] - Sitebuilder images not being recognised - document icons and 'open link in new window' link icon, on Check Page Content For Errors screen
  • [SBTWO-4681] - ID6: Short pages growing scrollbar because they're slightly too tall
  • [SBTWO-4698] - Clicking on current page sends to /undefined sub-page
  • [SBTWO-4699] - Some styles for fixed-width navigation being applied to second level
  • [SBTWO-4702] - It's possible to select a resource from a different RB page
  • [SBTWO-4704] - Exception when comparing page versions
  • [SBTWO-4727] - .vertical-gradient() not working for IE
  • [SBTWO-4732] - ID6: Unnecessary delay before Go suggestions appear
  • [SBTWO-4738] - Get content from pages broken for pages that use gzip


  • [SBTWO-4694] - Bit more spacing between toc column titles (and add to ID6)
  • [SBTWO-4726] - Improve included CSS3 macros and document them for site.less creation
  • [SBTWO-4735] - ID6 editor - move "minor edit" and "edit comment" to toolbar