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Sitebuilder 2.253 - 9th January 2012 - Release notes

Sitebuilder 2.253 was released on 9th January 2012. Highlights from this release include:

Editor improvements including improved pasting from Microsoft Word

We have made some improvements to the JScript editor, including an upgrade to the TinyMCE open-source software it runs on to the latest version, 3.4.7.

This adds two new buttons on the toolbar next to the paste button, paste as text   and paste from word  .

The Paste as Text button ensures that formatting is stripped when pasting from other sources (including Microsoft Word) into the Sitebuilder editor, to ensure that pages are as readable and accessible as possible. The Paste from Word allows a controlled environment for pasting content from Microsoft Word, and will attempt to retain any formatting.

Full week view on Sitebuilder calendars

In response to feedback from customers, we have added "Week" as a possible view for Calendar pages, showing Monday-Sunday.

General fixes and improvements

  • It is now possible to use the JScript editor in Internet Explorer 9
  • Printing and editing ID6 pages that use a gradient for the border background is now fixed in Internet Explorer 8 and before
  • It is now possible to select the parent site in the ID6 search dropdown (so if you're on the departmental Intranet, you can elect to search the entire departmental website)
  • There have been a number of visual improvements to how preformatted text and code segments are displayed in ID6 sites
  • ID6 pages with horizontal navigation now collapse to a combo navigation dropdown when on mobile devices
  • Forwarding pages are now correctly displayed in Site Map pages


  • [SBTWO-4820] - Smallscreen search container position
  • [SBTWO-5084] - Add extra permissions granularity to Scheduled Changes screen
  • [SBTWO-5085] - Add extra permissions granularity for passwords

Technical task

  • [SBTWO-5098] - Add (and vhosts to Sitebuilder


  • [SBTWO-5076] - Vertical nav whitespace not collapsing on <720px screens
  • [SBTWO-5078] - Scheduled Changes for section perms should be disallowed if too many pages
  • [SBTWO-5093] - All missing URLs under www2 should serve the 404 page
  • [SBTWO-5096] - Cannot publish via TinyMCE in IE9
  • [SBTWO-5102] - <dd> tags not indented in definition lists
  • [SBTWO-5107] - Printing some pages in IE8 doesn't print all contents
  • [SBTWO-5109] - Insert a.. dropdown menu appears too low/not at all after pasting from Word on www2-test
  • [SBTWO-5111] - Border gradient appearing in background of content editor


  • [SBTWO-4837] - Introduce option to show full week view in a Sitebuilder calendar
  • [SBTWO-5010] - 404 handler to map to Go addresses
  • [SBTWO-5041] - ID6: Add 'Parent site' to dropdown search options
  • [SBTWO-5047] - Don't blow up dramatically on NumberFormatExceptions in magic tags
  • [SBTWO-5048] - Be careful with destructive changes in Transfer Site Style
  • [SBTWO-5064] - Better formatting for preformatted text
  • [SBTWO-5068] - Make headings smaller (again!)
  • [SBTWO-5069] - ID6 mobile: Don't show horiz nav
  • [SBTWO-5081] - Replace 'Home' with site name in mobile rendition
  • [SBTWO-5103] - Upgrade to TinyMCE 3.4.7
  • [SBTWO-5112] - Forwarding pages should be shown in Site Maps


  • [SBTWO-5066] - Redirect requests to /sitebuilder2/resourcebookings/edit/ to the edit jbosses
  • [SBTWO-5077] - Consider "fixed" horizontal nav behaviour on 720px-959px wide screens (iPad et al)