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Sitebuilder 2.257 - 28th February 2012 - Release notes

Sitebuilder 2.257 was released on 28th February 2012. Highlights from this release include:

Mobile version - switch to desktop version

We have added a new option to the version of ID6 pages displayed on mobile phones to switch to the "full screen" view that would normally be seen on a desktop PC or a tablet, and to switch back again.

General fixes and improvements

  • Deleted Formsbuilder forms will no longer continue to send email summaries or notify when they are closed
  • External scripts are no longer erroneously removed by the JScript editor on publish
  • Custom bullet points should no longer appear on sitemaps or image galleries in ID6


  • [SBTWO-5213] - Add documentation of retweet to Twitter feed page


  • [SBTWO-5178] - FormsBuilderDAOImpl.getClosedOnDateInstructions() includes deleted forms
  • [SBTWO-5203] - Purging forms don't delete timed jobs
  • [SBTWO-5209] - JS Editor deletes scripts with external src attributes on edit
  • [SBTWO-5215] - ID6: Bullet points now appear in an image gallery?


  • [SBTWO-5177] - Improve "Form closed" email
  • [SBTWO-5189] - Don't show Formsbuilder pop-up text in customer's email receipt

New Feature

  • [SBTWO-5205] - ID6 Smallscreen: Allow users to switch to the Desktop version (and back)


  • [SBTWO-5221] - Exclude sitemap pages from custom bullet styles