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Sitebuilder 2.306 - Friday 22nd August 2014

Sitebuilder 2.306 was released on Friday 22nd August 2014. Highlights from this release include:

General improvements and fixes

  • Upgraded to Google Universal Analytics
  • Added "other" option for checkboxes and radio buttons in forms pages
  • A problem with videos not playing back in the Android browser has been fixed.
  • When copying a page to a location that will result in a URL of more than 256 characters, the error message now includes the list of pages that are too long to be copied
  • Page checks should now be able to run


  • [SBTWO-6750] - Patch Bootstrap 'span' attribute selector
  • [SBTWO-6826] - Pages created from templates should inherit new parent's permissions
  • [SBTWO-6853] - "Inconsistent datatypes: expected - got CLOB" error
  • [SBTWO-6856] - On scheduler "String index out of range" in ReplicaSynchedFilesystemCleanupAndSanityCheckCommand
  • [SBTWO-6860] - Updating event items from before 2013 causes year of publication to change
  • [SBTWO-6863] - Can view postId not belonging to this forum
  • [SBTWO-6867] - Go missing module reports are empty
  • [SBTWO-6881] - Preview images and player controls not displayed on mobile device
  • [SBTWO-6882] - All page checks fail


  • [SBTWO-6608] - FormsBuilder: 'Other' option for checkboxes & radio buttons
  • [SBTWO-6761] - Upgrade to Google Universal Analytics
  • [SBTWO-6775] - Improve contrast on tweet date and actions

New Feature

  • [SBTWO-6824] - Report of URLs containing more than 256 characters


  • [SBTWO-6755] - "Hidden" option for formsbuilder fields is confusingly named
  • [SBTWO-6854] - Whitelist a URL for GO address