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Sitebuilder 2.333 - Thursday 13th August 2015

Sitebuilder 2.333 was released on Thursday 13th August 2015. Highlights from this release include:

  • Formsbuilder payment forms can now include a custom payment element, allowing the submitter to specify an amount to pay.
  • The print version of pages no longer show the URL of links to the edit section.
  • Forums in ID7 sites can now be searched.


  • [SBTWO-7237] - ID7 navigation shows current page marker for any matching slug in the URL
  • [SBTWO-7255] - Checks for long child URLs include -copy and -old siblings
  • [SBTWO-7264] - Copying a form doesn't copy 'confirmation' property
  • [SBTWO-7265] - Unable to search forums in ID7
  • [SBTWO-7266] - Preview of slideshow shows monoslideshow code
  • [SBTWO-7272] - Miniscule title when booking resource
  • [SBTWO-7274] - Lightbox image breaks when clicking on forum image attachment
  • [SBTWO-7276] - Error token overwriting /fac/arts/ren-new-id7
  • [SBTWO-7278] - ID7 - URLs proliferating calendar printing (agenda view)


  • [SBTWO-6243] - Free text field for amount in online payment form