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External Users 1.10 - 9th May 2012 - Release notes

External users 1.10 was released on 9th May 2012. Highlights from this release include:

Email notifications of expiring users

You will now receive email notifications about the users you own whose access will expire within the next 3 weeks.

Web-group integration of external user groups

You can now set a web-group property of an external user group, which will export the data every 24 hours to the web groups system. This can be useful for access control to protected resources.


  • [EXU-55] - SSO protect viewing of forms
  • [EXU-109] - Add the "find a user" feature back into the new external user interface.

New Feature

  • [EXU-58] - Send emails to creators about expiring users
  • [EXU-86] - Auditing
  • [EXU-89] - Expose groups as webgroups
  • [EXU-107] - User lookup functionality on the manage owners interface.