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Single sign-on 4.46

Single sign-on 4.46 was released on 31st July 2012. Highlights from this release include:

New sign in page and password reset system

A new sign in screen and password reset system has been released for staff and students. The aim of this is to make it simpler for you to manage your Warwick account.

The new password reset system will not only offer an easy way to set security questions (along with advice on how best to set them), it will also allow you to submit an alternative email address (e.g. a gmail account) that you can use to reset your password if you forget it.

login-full.png security-questions-full.png lost-screen-full.png

The Password Reset system allows you to easily find out your username or reset your password if you ever forget them. You need to set some security information before you can use the Password Reset system.

Security Information

Before you can use Password Reset, you need to set some security information (e.g. what was your first phone number) so we can confirm your identity. You will need to know your username and password in order to sign into the system and set up your security information. That's why it's important that everyone sets up their security information straight away.

If you are having difficulty resetting your password please contact the ITS Help Desk.

General improvements and fixes

  • The design of single sign-on has been refreshed both on desktop and mobile devices
  • Users of the Start.Warwick mobile app will no longer be warned that it's not affiliated with the University
  • The password strength checks have been relaxed, although it will no longer be possible to use parts of your username in your password in order to comply with Live@Edu policy
  • (For Developers) the last updated date of the entry is now available on user attribute lookups


  • [SSO-1226] - Add a link to the login screen allowing for account recovery
  • [SSO-1227] - Design process for going through password recovery
  • [SSO-1228] - UI for users to enter their security information
  • [SSO-1275] - UI tweaks (users entering/editing security information)
  • [SSO-1280] - Final (final!), minor tweaks to UI...
  • [SSO-1285] - Cross-browser testing
  • [SSO-1289] - Tweaks to sign-in based on user testing
  • [SSO-1290] - Tweaks to security info screen
  • [SSO-1291] - Tweaks to password reset process

Implement Code

  • [SSO-1229] - Prompt users who do not have account recovery options set to set them when logging in
  • [SSO-1284] - Don't use CDN if user is on-campus


  • [SSO-1283] - Make sure everything is mobile-friendly


  • [SSO-1276] - Use COMMIT_LOGGING and COMMIT_WAIT for async commits


  • [SSO-575] - Specify form action on login screen
  • [SSO-827] - Remove requirement for shire parameter on /slogin (old-mode)
  • [SSO-1201] - Add user attribute for cache entry timestamp
  • [SSO-1204] - Downgrade logging on UserErrorException
  • [SSO-1211] - Add autocapitalize="false" to login box for touch-keyboards
  • [SSO-1212] - OAuth flag for Warwick-affiliated apps
  • [SSO-1245] - Fail quietly on /origin/hs or /origin/slogin with no parameters
  • [SSO-1273] - Password change: check for username in password
  • [SSO-1278] - Do password changes against XNDS again
  • [SSO-1279] - Farm static content out to a CDN
  • [SSO-1286] - Add IE=edge & chromeframe meta header
  • [SSO-1288] - Password recovery: Make the entire row clickable when identifying to make it easier to click on touch devices


  • [SSO-1225] - Users should be able to reset their passwords and/or discover their username through web sign-on


  • [SSO-1199] - Decommission the "mini" rendition
  • [SSO-1257] - Controller to show WAR build time
  • [SSO-1264] - Decommission interim password resets
  • [SSO-1265] - Add sso config for portal
  • [SSO-1266] - Stop sending Proxy Generating Tickets to old mode apps
  • [SSO-1272] - New OpenAthens certificates