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Tabula release notes

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Tabula 2023.1.1 released

We released Tabula 2023.1.1 on Wednesday 11th January 2023. In this version, we:

  • Fixed an issue that meant waived assessment components were not listed as eligible when submitting a self-certification. Previously, students could only select assessment components that had been extended.
  • Added an error message to alert users who enter invalid marks on Marking pages. Prior to this fix, there was no explanation for why saving marks had failed.

Technical notes

Bugs fixed

  • [TAB-10449] - marker page does not handle invalid marks / this causes func test fail too
  • [TAB-10466] - Self cert logic - waive components not considered for eligibility

Improvements made

  • [TAB-10240] - Intermittent functional test failures - dev/test

Tasks completed

  • [TAB-9828] - [STC][Monitoring Points] Record monitoring points as 'Missed (unauthorised)'
Fri 13 Jan 2023, 14:43