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Coursework Management 15 (Phosphorus)

Coursework Management version 15 was released on Thursday 27th September 2012. These are the main visible improvements:

  • Departments can now have their assignments prepopulated from SITS data, complete with student membership. Currently you should go through this process with an e-learning advisor.
  • When you are manually creating an assignment, you can now type in the name of another existing assignment to have the settings for that assignment copied over, saving time when assignments share similar settings.
  • The heading has been changed from "Coursework submission" to "Coursework management".

Technical release notes:


  • [HFC-308] - Duplicate assignment validation should ignore deleted assignments
  • [HFC-317] - Split up main.js


  • [HFC-284] - SITS group linker should update when academic year is changed
  • [HFC-288] - Archive assignment button doesn't work in IE8
  • [HFC-313] - "URL for students" link has a no entry cursor on hover in Windows


  • [HFC-247] - Warn if module in feedback filename doesn't match module
  • [HFC-265] - Submissions list: shift "XML" button into a dropdown button

New Feature

  • [HFC-293] - Batch creation of assignments (using SITS data)
  • [HFC-294] - when creating a new assignment, add assignment picker to find assignment to use as template


  • [HFC-305] - Retitle as "Coursework management"