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Coursework Management 18 (Argon)

Coursework Management version 18 was released on Thursday 8th November 2012. These are the main visible improvements:

  • Administrators can now attach a blank feedback document to an assignment. The downloaded archive of submissions will then include a copy of the blank document for each submission, which can then be easily filled in and uploaded later for returning to students
  • More advice displayed to the student if no feedback is available for them in an assignment

Technical release notes:

Implement Code

  • [HFC-363] - MarkScheme domain model


  • [HFC-323] - Prevent student attaching two files with the same name
  • [HFC-337] - Sort out assignment buttons layout


  • [HFC-235] - Feedback sheets
  • [HFC-328] - Advice on home page for student if an assignment is not shown
  • [HFC-342] - Larger textarea on assignment form
  • [HFC-352] - Archived assignments on student home page
  • [HFC-368] - Determine module name where different CATS variants have different names