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Coursework Management 21 (Scandium)

Coursework Management version 21 was released on Friday 7th December 2012. These are the main visible changes:

  • A new Tabula look-and-feel ahead of the release of Tabula itself.
  • When you enable extension requests from students, you now provide a specific group of users to receive notifications and approve the requests, rather than using module managers or department administrators.
  • When setting up assignments from SITS, you can now click a button to return to step one to add or remove assessment components, without losing your progress so far.
  • The count of how many students have downloaded their feedback so far has been reinstated.
  • On a late submission, you can now hover your mouse pointer over the submission date to see how late it was, eg "4 hours and 20 minutes".

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-192] - Departments nominate a group of users to deal with extension requests


  • [TAB-48] - Prevent auxiliary filesystem data from being uploaded
  • [TAB-49] - Exceptions not caught by Spring are missing request information
  • [TAB-98] - Unit tests use live Userlookup
  • [TAB-142] - FileServer should not attempt to return results for HEAD requests
  • [TAB-193] - Can't set assignments as open-ended on batch SITS setup form
  • [TAB-195] - URLs should be prefixed with /coursework
  • [TAB-207] - Turnitin button does not honour selected items
  • [TAB-212] - Can't add feedback
  • [TAB-213] - NPE in app comments controller
  • [TAB-215] - Tabula link to coursework should like to standalone coursework app
  • [TAB-218] - Exception on CSV download when no submissions
  • [TAB-219] - Exception in AddMarksCommand
  • [TAB-220] - Exception deleting in-use markscheme
  • [TAB-221] - CSV export not UTF-8
  • [TAB-225] - Incorrect extension request email is sent when a request is updated
  • [TAB-227] - emailStudents feature never set to true


  • [TAB-85] - Get adopted by Tabula


  • [TAB-117] - File extension label list - allow backspace to delete
  • [TAB-141] - Record which feedback items are published in the audit trail
  • [TAB-148] - Better <title>
  • [TAB-156] - SITS batch setup - ability to go back to step 1
  • [TAB-157] - File extension field: catch Enter key
  • [TAB-196] - Late submissions -extra info needed
  • [TAB-201] - Enable read-only mode by default on standbys
  • [TAB-209] - Remove
  • [TAB-222] - Upgrade Lucene from 3.5 to 4.0
  • [TAB-224] - Better 500 page, with more information
  • [TAB-228] - Reinstate "how many people have downloaded" count
  • [TAB-232] - Don't run scheduling on the primary jboss


  • [TAB-105] - Drop FILEATTACHMENT.DATA column
  • [TAB-199] - Work out how to do appwide scheduled jobs
  • [TAB-234] - compatDirectorySplit test failing on Windows