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Coursework Management 8 (Oxygen)

Coursework Management version 8 was released on 19th April 2012. These are the main visible improvements:

  • Feedback rating questions have been changed to be more in line with NSS questions.
  • Improvements to the user interface.
  • Downloaded submissions now include the module code in filenames.

Technical release notes:


  • [HFC-184] - Multiple-select checkboxes not working in IE
  • [HFC-185] - Rating form shouldn't show when rating disabled for that department


  • [HFC-150] - Use standard feedback evaluation questions
  • [HFC-163] - Student esubmission - Prefix file name with module code
  • [HFC-167] - Manual index trigger for sysadmin
  • [HFC-172] - Submission privacy statement
  • [HFC-175] - Highlighted - Late submissions
  • [HFC-181] - Friendlier date formatting

New Feature

  • [HFC-78] - Hide uninteresting modules
  • [HFC-177] - Highlighting form closed for submissions