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Tabula 103 (Lawrencium) - Thursday 16th April 2015

Tabula 103 (Lawrencium) was released on Thursday 16th April 2015. This included bug fixes and the following improvements:

  • Linking assignments and small groups to SITS now takes the sequence of the assessment group into account
  • Marking workflows can now be used even when a student has not submitted
  • Adjustments to assignment marks can now be made in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet
  • A bug that meant bank holidays were included in working-day calculations has been fixed
  • Various bugs involving marking workflows have been fixed

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-3389] - UpstreamAssesmentGroups should take sequence into account
  • [TAB-3403] - Validation for marker allocation spreadsheet broken
  • [TAB-3406] - Fix breadcrumbs on exam mark adjustment screen
  • [TAB-3412] - Freemarker exception on exam marks screen
  • [TAB-3417] - Mark button never shown for open-ended assignments
  • [TAB-3422] - All functional tests failing on Bamboo
  • [TAB-3435] - Can send blank feedback to admins
  • [TAB-3443] - Clicking 'save' displays 'In progress' label
  • [TAB-3449] - Exam Management component of Tabula not visible for marker
  • [TAB-3451] - Seat numbers not showing when entering exam marks for CS241
  • [TAB-3452] - Tabula falsely claims that bulk reason/adjustment comments will be seen by student
  • [TAB-3455] - Marking workflow not saved when adding an exam
  • [TAB-3456] - Exam validation throws BindException
  • [TAB-3458] - Error uploading marks spreadsheet
  • [TAB-3460] - Was able to publish invalid grade


  • [TAB-3179] - Over-arching task of Engineering mark-related requests for Easter 2015


  • [TAB-3384] - Make it clear if mark uploaded to SITS has since been changed in Tabula
  • [TAB-3402] - Make mark upload to SITS a dept setting
  • [TAB-3404] - Allow students to be given a mark of 0
  • [TAB-3413] - Display breadcrumb trail on Add and Edit Exam screens
  • [TAB-3433] - Disallow cookie auth for API
  • [TAB-3436] - Add marker column on admin exams add mark screen
  • [TAB-3446] - Explain when there are no available workflows for an exam
  • [TAB-3453] - Audit screen of adjustments could show timestamp or ordering
  • [TAB-3454] - Exam marking improvements
  • [TAB-3462] - Update help text on exams marking workflows screen
  • [TAB-3463] - Only show marking workflows available for exams

New Feature

  • [TAB-3052] - Make it possible for exams to pass through the marking workflow
  • [TAB-3379] - Bulk assignment mark adjustments
  • [TAB-3442] - Module timetable API


  • [TAB-3423] - Feedback deadline calculation weirdness


  • [TAB-3415] - Functional test to ensure students only see non-private adjustments
  • [TAB-3418] - Use SLF4J API and Logback backend instead of Log4J