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Tabula 118 (Ununoctium) - Tuesday 17th November 2015

Tabula 118 (Ununoctium) was released on Tuesday 17th November 2015. This included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • We now display the activity name instead of the description from Syllabus+ timetable events
  • We now display timetable events that occur more than a month in the future
  • We have made some improvements so that Small Group Teaching group limits are honoured when allocating students

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-3849] - Document Turnitin submission API


  • [TAB-3821] - Schemes popup not working on Edit Scheme
  • [TAB-3823] - Department timetables not working beyond 1 December for individual staff/students
  • [TAB-3824] - 'Randomly allocate' ignoring the group limit
  • [TAB-3830] - Attendance note link displaying incorrectly
  • [TAB-3831] - Assignment's Turnitin ID not always returned in time
  • [TAB-3836] - Auto-release to markers not working
  • [TAB-3839] - HandlesAssignmentTrigger hard-coded to old Turnitin service
  • [TAB-3843] - BindExceptions on timetable requests
  • [TAB-3845] - Unrecorded and Missed numbers wrong on Monitoring points > Personal Tutors
  • [TAB-3846] - Doesn't cope with WebGroups outage
  • [TAB-3847] - Tabula XSS vulnerability
  • [TAB-3856] - Limits ignored in SGT in self-sign-up
  • [TAB-3863] - Don't use email addresses for Turnitin viewing

New Feature


  • [TAB-3746] - Only set user code for primary Uni ID when importing
  • [TAB-3755] - Don't display the Description field from Syllabus+ events in Tabula
  • [TAB-3805] - Allow Tabula access for permanently withdrawn students
  • [TAB-3842] - Set Turnitin LTI feature as enabled by default
  • [TAB-3854] - Include student ID when logging timetable request returning no events
  • [TAB-3858] - Wait longer for results from Turnitin


  • [TAB-3789] - Message on profiles to inform that data doesn't appear in Tabula immediately
  • [TAB-3816] - Allow small group marker allocation if any markers match any tutors
  • [TAB-3832] - Pull "Activity Name" when creating small groups from S+
  • [TAB-3838] - Remove and deprecate .archived
  • [TAB-3840] - Use Servlet 3/Tomcat 8 multipart handling, not commons-fileupload