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Tabula 121 (Unbiunium) - Thursday 10th December 2015

Tabula 121 (Unbiunium) was released on Thursday 10th December 2015. This included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • We now have term dates, term weeks and holiday dates APIs, include iCal feeds
  • The plagiarism checking API now allows specification of the submitting user
  • We've continued to improve the performance of our plagiarism checking to return results faster
  • We now support more file types for plagiarism checking, including Powerpoint and Excel files
  • Missed (authorised) attendance is now included in the small group teaching "missed" report
  • A student's Warwick ID is now included in assignment access requests
  • Small group teaching imports from central timetabling (Syllabus+) now include Web Room Booking events, where appropriate
  • The "feedback due soon" message no longer appears if all students have published feedback on an assignment
  • A bug that meant the table disappeared when manually removing every member from an assignment or set of small groups has been fixed
  • A bug that caused some fields to repeatedly escape content has been fixed
  • A rare bug that allowed adding permissions for invalid users has been fixed
  • The "External Partner" target group is now treated as Staff in Tabula
  • A bug that caused the wrong lateness to appear to administrators on a student's profile if they had an extension has been fixed
  • A display bug when proxying as a marker has been fixed
  • A bug in the small group teaching API where the end time was always equal to the start time has been fixed
  • A bug in the small group teaching API that threw an error if an event hadn't been given a day of the week or time yet has been fixed
  • A permissions bug that meant moderators couldn't bulk-approve feedback has been fixed
  • A bug that caused monitoring point notifications to over-estimate the number of points needing recording has been fixed

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-3883] - Documentation for submit Turnitin job API - new 'submitter' option
  • [TAB-3924] - Documentation for term dates APIs


  • [TAB-3741] - SGT - Unlinking from SITs and relinking specific students.Can't see removed students unless there is at least one that hasn't been removed
  • [TAB-3889] - Overzealous escaping
  • [TAB-3890] - Don't allow invalid usercodes in permissions input fields
  • [TAB-3908] - Treat 'External Partner' as staff
  • [TAB-3912] - Working days calculation for assignment incorrect in student profile
  • [TAB-3916] - Proxy for marker screen display information at bottom of screen
  • [TAB-3917] - Small Group Teaching API bug (end time/start time)
  • [TAB-3921] - Tabula Small Group Teaching API - 500 - Internal Server Error
  • [TAB-3925] - Moderator can't bulk approve marks and feedback
  • [TAB-3951] - AttendanceMonitoringDao.findUnrecordedPoints not taking into account all filters
  • [TAB-3960] - Assessment import failing with Oracle error
  • [TAB-3961] - Update attendance monitoring scheme job failing with Oracle error

New Feature


  • [TAB-3884] - Update legacy Turnitin integration URL
  • [TAB-3892] - Do not wait for results for papers which have been rejected by Turnitin
  • [TAB-3911] - Extend Turnitin checking to include full range of supported file types


  • [TAB-3850] - Auto-calculate all 4 states of monitoring points in reports
  • [TAB-3855] - Update to admins' notifications when student requests access to submit assignments
  • [TAB-3875] - Update link in email that sent out for unrecorded monitoring points
  • [TAB-3894] - Handle errors in timetables better
  • [TAB-3895] - Serve timetable requests through API tomcats
  • [TAB-3898] - Clarify wording in help text for word count on assignment submission screen
  • [TAB-3900] - Wrap timetable requests in Future[] instead of Try[] and time them out globally on fetch
  • [TAB-3915] - Include WRB-ACTIVE type events in SGT imports
  • [TAB-3923] - Include scheme id for AddStudentsToScheme event
  • [TAB-3948] - 'Feedback due soon' appears even after feedback has been uploaded