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Tabula 123 (Unbitrium) - Friday 15th January 2016

Tabula 123 (Unbitrium) was released on Friday 15th January 2016. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • A security bug that allowed students to see photos of other students if they knew the 7-digit Warwick ID has been fixed
  • A bug that meant the "record all" buttons in small group attendance registers didn't work has been fixed
  • The timetable events API now correctly uses start and end as limiting parameters, and correctly limits events

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-3974] - Exception because there should be 52 weeks in 15/16 (not 53)
  • [TAB-3975] - Save and cancel buttons oddness when unlinking Small Group Set from SITS
  • [TAB-3996] - Tooltip displays HTML on small group attendance screen on tabula-test
  • [TAB-4016] - User can no longer see sub-dept links in SGT
  • [TAB-4017] - Record-all attendance buttons broken
  • [TAB-4019] - Late penalty notice for formative essays showing incorrectly
  • [TAB-4020] - Exception rendering notification for rejected extension
  • [TAB-4021] - Timetable events & calendar APIs don't honour to/from for meeting events
  • [TAB-4025] - All university members, including students, are able to see anyone's photo


  • [TAB-3491] - Change UI when editing students on a scheme