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Tabula 134 (Untriquadium) - Friday 15th April 2016

Tabula 134 (Untriquadium) was released on Friday 15th April 2016. This release included bug fixes and improvements, including:

  • It is now possible to download an assignment's submissions as a single PDF file, useful for printing all the submissions at once. Note that only submissions made as PDF files will be included.
  • When using validated assignment grades, a grade of zero will no longer populate with the default value. The marker will be required to choose a valid grade.
  • Assignments can now be set to allow students to request extensions after the close date. This can be enabled per-assignment.
  • When filling in small group attendance registers, users will be prompted if they make changes but try to leave the page without saving.
  • The settings you choose when printing a small group attendance register are now remembered, so you don't have to set them next time.
  • It is now possible to require an extension request to have at least one attached file. This can be enabled per-assignment.

Technical release notes:


  • [TAB-4271] - Update manual to include downloading submissions as PDF


  • [TAB-4257] - Marker allocation page content breaking
  • [TAB-4262] - HTML-escaping exceptions on the error page
  • [TAB-4263] - /sso/acs is not setting the HttpOnly flag on the session cookie
  • [TAB-4269] - Logic for calculating the feedback deadline for an extension is broken if there's no submission


  • [TAB-604] - Bulk printing support
  • [TAB-3499] - Enforce a non-blank non-default grade when giving zero marks
  • [TAB-3882] - Option to allow extension requests to be made beyond assignment deadline
  • [TAB-3949] - Improve SGT event attendance page to prevent data from not being saved
  • [TAB-3972] - Remember preferences/save settings in printing attendance registers
  • [TAB-4179] - Enable admins to make file attachment field required on extension request page
  • [TAB-4261] - Allow commands to not have an overarching transaction